Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Review: Aurorae Yoga Mat and No-Slip Rosin Bag

About them:
Aurorae offers the best yoga mats in illuminating colors with a focal point icon. We have extra long yoga mats and extra thick yoga mats as well as yoga bags, and yoga accessories. Combine this with our great customer service provided and you get the best of both worlds. Aurorae yoga company offers the best quality and services available on the internet and Amazon. This is why we have the best reviewed and the number one top rated products on Amazon.com.
My Thoughts:
I regularly do Pilate's and Yoga classes at our local gym. I had always used the foam mats the gym provided for everybody. I could never find a mat that was long enough and thick enough so when you roll back on the mat is doesn't feel like you are rolling on the wood flooring.
Not the case with the Aurorae Yoga Mats. They were gracious enough to send me a thick  squishy pink one. I totally love it! The mat stays put on the slippery hard wood floor. Its extra long so you have plenty of room to lay back. Its also thick enough so i don't have to put a second one underneath it for extra cushion. I absolutely love the color! Its a soft pastel pink, with a little bubble texture for grip.
Aurorae Yoga also sent me a Rosin Bag. The rosin bag works great!
Just toss it lightly in your hands and you can dab it on your feet as well for a little extra grip and to keep you hands and feet from getting sweaty and slippery.
This mat is great for all floor exercises like Yoga, Pilate's or stretching.
The mats come in all different shapes and sizes so i encourage you to visit there site and pick out the one that would work best for your needs. You can visit there website here.

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