Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Review: Shatobu

About them:
ShaToBu - The Workout You Wear - is the revolutionary shaper that helps women shape, tone and burn more calories during everyday activities.

The benefits go beyond ordinary shapewear - ShaToBu instantly gives a sleeker silhouette, but women can also see and feel a difference in their bodies with regular use over time. By incorporating resistance bands right into the garment, muscles work a little harder and more calories are burned during daily activities.
ShaToBu helps women fit a workout into their normal day, while looking and feeling great.

My thoughts:
I chose to review the High Waist to Knee Shaper. I have worn these shapers before for weddings or special occasions and i was happy to find one that helps you burn more calories. (Gotta burn off that wedding cake right?)
The resistance bands in the shaper make walking and climbing stairs a little more difficult than usual, but that's the point.
Resistance = burn more calories = Skinner you. AWESOME! :)
This is something that could be worn everyday if you would like. Working out, special occasions, to work etc. It definitely gives you a more slimming look.
ShaToBu offers a variety of shapers in different styles, colors and sizes so there is something for everyone. I think this is one of those must have items every women should own. Like red high heels. Every woman should have a pair of red high heels. Put on a your ShaToBu, your little black dress and some red heels and you will be set for a night on the town!


Review: CSN Stores - Bar Stools

My husband and i are slowly but surely redecorating the house. The bathroom, Kitchen, guest bedroom and master bedroom are pretty much finished.

Now all we have left to conquer is the Living room. I'm very indecisive on what style i want to go with. So I'm starting with the small stuff and moving up from there.

I really want to get new bar stools. The ones we currently have are gorgeous but they are made of wood and are starting to fall apart.

I went to CSN Stores and they have a amazing array of them. Each barstool is very different because I'm having a hard time figuring out a style and theme for my living room. It was hard decision but I have narrowed my choices down to these four.
I cant decide if i want to go with a Mission Rustic look or more of a Shabby Chic look. Please leave comments and help me decided which set to choose! The design of my Living room is depending on you! (No pressure or anything!) :)

Review: ONE Bath and Beauty Products

About them:
 A new standard of green. One beautiful world begins with conscientious living. And conscientious living means preventing waste to save the planet, helping us all live more beautifully. ONE is committed to promoting natural beauty without compromising the beauty of the earth, providing eco-friendly products in recyclable, plastic-free packaging to rejuvenate the spirit and save the planet.

ONE takes eco-conscious to the next level, uniting superior natural ingredients and recyclable packaging to offer genuinely earth-friendly products. From pampering bath formulas to nourishing moisturizers, the entire collection is infused with rich essential oils, natural butters and delicate fragrance, energizing the mind and body with quality natural ingredients.
While some green brands stop at natural ingredients, ONE goes beyond healthy formulations by housing the collection in eco-conscious packaging. Because most recycling centers wont accept used plastic lotion and shampoo bottles that take over 1,000 years to biodegrade ONE exclusively packages its unprecedented collection in recyclable cardboard cartons and tins, housing nourishing, natural products in equally planet-friendly containers.

My thoughts:

ONE sent me the most amazing products to review!

First i received a Shea Body Butter called Citrus Peel. OH MY SPRINKLES!!!! It smells AMAZING!!!! Seriously the best thing my nostrils have ever had the chance of smelling.
Think of fresh oranges, lemons, grapefruits and a touch of sunshine infused to make a think silky smooth butter lotion that will wrap you in its sweet smell forever and ever. Leaving your thirsty skin healthy, refreshed and moisturised.
I'm telling you, you will not be able to get enough of this stuff! The body butter is thick but soaks into your skin quickly, leaving it as soft as a baby's bottom.
I also love that ONE products do not contain any artificial or harmful chemicals.
They use only the purest of ingredients and extracts.

One was also gracious enough to let me review the Shea Butter Lip Balm.
It comes in a cute little tin. The lip balm has a soft Shea Butter scent that will take you to the tropics. (Anything with Shea Butter or Coconut makes me want to go back to Hawaii.)
It leaves a buttery glow to your lips. But not so much where it feels greasy. It could also be a subtle gloss.

Definitely give these products a try! They would make great gift for others or you can just keep it all for yourself. (i wont tell i promise!)


So sorry it has taken me forever to list the winner's of the last few giveaways! I have been crazy busy!
So here they finally are!

Yoreganics Laundry Sampler Trio Giveaway winner is:
 #9 phutchins56!

Soft Lips Giveaway Winner is:
#12 jakell!

Food Should Taste Good Chips Giveaway winner is:
#18 Rosanova Fam!

Congratulation's to all the winners!
Winner's will have two days to respond. If i don't hear from the winner a new winner will be chosen!
Many thanks to all who participated in these giveaways and all the companies to be gracious enough to host one!

My Lip Stuff Giveaway re-opening!

Since no one entered into this giveaway
I'm re-opening it for another two weeks!
Please enter!!!!!!
 My Lip Stuff makes awesome natural lip balm, bath and beauty products!
 Enter this giveaway for a chance to win a 6 pack of Lip Balm!

Here is the link for the giveaway:

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Review: EO Beauty and Bath Products

About Them:
Our passion is the creation of the highest quality products that are natural, gentle, effective and free from animal testing. Every product we create is carefully crafted to meet the needs of our clients and their guests. Nothing is left to chance; every detail is considered.

•We manufacture consistently excellent essential oil formulations that are efficacious, safe and made from natural, sustainable botanical sources.

•We create products for our customers that allow them to treat or relieve specific needs and to maintain overall good health through the benefits of therapeutic botanicals.

•The continued and ongoing development of new and innovative products that meet our stringent formulation criteria.

•Innovation without compromise: Personal care must perform. We pledge to continue to research new natural ingredients that can provide function and benefit without compromising our natural integrity or product performance.

•We develop innovative formulas based on researched herbal and aromatherapy knowledge.

•We know that the formulation of beneficial herbs, essential oils and natural ingredients is truly an art form.

•We work continuously to source natural and organic ingredients with uniquely therapeutic properties.

•We also choose not to include synthetic colors, fragrances or harsh chemicals in our products.

•EO® products must perform given the expectations of our customers.

My Thoughts:
EO was gracious enough to let me review the French Lavender Lotion, Bubble Bath and Bath Salt.
First, the smell is amazing! I love how none of there product contain synthetic colors, fake fragrances or harsh chemicals.
The Lavender Body Lotion is amazing! Its light and soaks into your skin quickly without leaving you feeling sticky. Its very moisturising and i use it every night before going to bed.
I love taking hot baths to soak the stress away so i was really excited to try the French Lavender Bubble Bath. I also scatted in some of the French Lavender Bath Salts as well. The smell is not overpowering but soft and subtle The Bath Salt contains bits of pink salt that is great for your skin!
The Bubble Bath creates lots of bubbles with only a few drops so a little goes along way. I highly recommend giving EO Products a try! All there products are natural made with only the best and healthiest ingredients. Cant get much better than that!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Food Should Taste Good CHips Giveaway ends Tonight at midnight!!!!

The Food Should Taste Good Chips Giveaway
ends tonight at midnight!
Here is the link:
This is a fantastic giveaway to win some very tasty chips!
 Great for gatherings or parties coming up!
 Low entries so hurry and enter!

Review: Soda Stream

Soda Stream is a company that make soda makers for your home that sit on your kitchen counter! These sofa machine are extremely simple and easy to operate! My husband and i were so excited when are Jet Soda Machine came in the mail. We loved the fact that we never have to buy soda at the store any more, and we can make it ourselves in about 1 minute with many flavor variety.
Soda Stream was gracious enough to let me review the Jet Soda Stream Machine.
Its fairly simple to operate an is slick and small enough to fit in the corner of my kitchen counter. It carbonates the water in a one liter bottle, you add a cap full of the flavor you prefer and BAM!! Soda!
Soda Steam has a vast array of flavors to choose from.
They also carry natural Fruit Juice Flavors such as Apple Mango, Pink Grapefruit, and Lemon Lime.
This is a great machine and so handy to have for parties! This would make a fantastic gift! I highly recommend buying one!
To purchase one click here to enter the Soda Stream Website!

Winner of the Soft Lips Giveaway!

The winner of the Soft Lips giveaways is.....


Many thanks to all you who participated in this giveaway and Soft Lips to be gracious enough to host one!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Extending the Yoreganics Laundry Trio Giveaway!

To all my fellow bloggers and followers, I'm extending the Yoreganics Laundry Trio Sampler Giveaway for another week because i have got no entries so far! So the giveaway will be open until Monday Dec. 13th 2010.
You will not regret entering this giveaway! Yoreganics is a company that provides natural laundry detergent, whitener and spot remover from nature. I love their products and highly recommend trying them out!
Much love,
~Mrs. Goldilocks~

Review: Oneida Stainless Steel Cookware

Onedia is a fabulous company that offers name brand flatware, kitchenwarebakeware and drinkware.
They are most know for world class craftsmanship and uniquely designed  flatware.
Oneida has everything your little heart desires when it comes to completing your kitchen with the finest of cookware, knifes and serving dishes.
They have a vast array of colors and designs. Each and every one of there collections are simply gorgeous! 
Their drinkware is absolutely stunning! Styles ranging from very contemporary to simple and delicate.
Oneida also has elegant high quality professional grade cookware. Oneida was gracious enough to let me review the Oneida Pro Series Stainless Steel 10 Piece Cookware Set.

I can't tell you enough how much a love these pots and pans! First they are made of high quality stainless steel. I love how much these sparkle and shine in my kitchen! Each pot and pan is made with a aluminum bottom to provide equal heating distribution. They are also non stick! Sometimes i use a little bit of non stick cooking spray to help but most of the time i don't have to worry about it.
The handles are strong and sturdy. I love the glass lids. I always like to see how my food is cooking without having to remove the lid. The gleam these pots and pan give my kitchen is awesome! The set includes 8" Sauté Pan, 10" Sauté Pan, 1 Qt Covered Sauce Pan, 2 Qt Covered Sauce Pan, 10" Deep Covered Sauté Pan, and 6 Qt Covered Stock Pot. I definitely recommend Onedia cookware to any one who enjoys cooking with high quality pots and pans! You will not regret your purchase!
You can purchase this Oneida Pro Series Stainless Steel 10 Piece Cookware Set here on the Oneida website.

Winner of the $50.00 Gift Card to Belvedere Designs!

The winner of the $50.00 Gift Card to Belvedere Designs is..........

#9 Moody Sisters!

Winner will have two days to respond. If i don't hear from the winner a new winner will be chosen!

Many thanks to all you who participated in this giveaway
 and Belvedere Designs to be gracious enough to host one!

Winner of the Novica $30.00 Gift Code!!!

The winner of the Novica $30.00 Gift Code is.....

# 12! Lynda Del. from the blog The Spangly Princess! http://thespanglyprincess.blogspot.com/
Congratulations Lynda!

Winner will have two days to respond. If i don't hear from the winner a new winner will be chosen!

Many thanks to all you who participated in this giveaway and Novica to be gracious enough to host one!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Giveaway ending tonight! $50.00 Gift Card to Belvedere Designs

The Belvedere Designs $50.00 Gift Card Giveaway is ending tonight at midnight!
Hurry and put your entries in!
Here is the link:  

I will announce the winners for this weekends giveaway's Monday Morning!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Novica $30.00 Gift Code Giveaway ending at Midnight!

The Novica $30.00 Gift Code Giveaway is ending tonight at Midnight!
Low entries so hurry and enter!
Here is the link:
Good Luck!

Review and Giveaway: My Lip Stuff

About them:
My Lip Stuff's ultimate mission is to end the suffering of people with chapped lips all across the land. In the process, we strive to end animal testing and save the environment with chemical-free natural products!

Is this a tall order? Absolutely. But we are dedicated- and are willing to start small. If we all do our part our combined efforts will make a big impact on the future of the planet, & just maybe we'll find a cure for something-- even if it is just chapped lips!

My Lip Stuff's products are NEVER tested on animals & contain natural (from the earth) ingredients that are skin loving. Our products do NOT contain any harsh ingredients- and NEVER contain petroleum or mineral oil! We also do what we can by using recycled (and recyclable) materials whenever possible, and even using "green power" (power from renewable resources such as wind, water, or landfill gases-instead of oil). We also Drive a Hybrid, and use only fluorescent lighting (no incandescent bulbs here!).

In the end, We strive to create a natural product made from only the highest quality ingredients, with the least amount of impact on the environment and its inhabitants, for the lowest possible price.

My Thoughts:
I love this lip balm! First, My Lip Stuff has over 500 lip balm flavors to choose from! They really have every flavor you can think of! Second, all there lip balms are made of the finest natural oils and butters for the ultimate moisture. This lip balm leaves a smooth buttery texture on your lips which i personally prefer. I love that i don't have to keep reapplying it every few minutes, The balm stays on my lips and keeps them moisturized for at least an hour or two. If you are looking for a fantastic natural lip balm that really works and stays on your lips please go check out My Lip Stuff! The company also sells a vast array of natural bath and body products like natural Aromatherapy Bath Salts, Whipped Body butters, shaving cream and room spray. My Lips Stuff sent me 3 lip balms to try and review. The flavors are Gingersnaps and Jam, Candy Corn Butter cream and Blackberry! All are delicious, soothing and moisturizing. My personally favorite is the Gingersnaps and Jam. Its a unique combination of a spicy gingersnap with a hint of sweet home made jam. I highly recommend trying My Lip Stuff! Your chapped lips will not regret it and will love you forever!

My Lips Stuff has also been gracious enough to host a giveaway and offer one of my readers a random 6 Pack of Lip Balms!

The giveaway is open to all in the US.

One winner will be chosen randomly using random.org. I will notify the winner via email, you will have 2 days to respond with your info. After the 2 days is up and no response, a new winner will be chosen.

Here are the rules for the giveaway:

Number 1 is mandatory to enter the giveaway!

The giveaway ends Friday December 17th at Midnight!

1. Follow my blog with Google Friend Connect (one entry =1 comment)

2. Visit the My Lip Stuff website and tell me which product you would love to try (one entry = 1 comment)

3. "Like" me on Facebook here (two entries = 2 separate comments)

4. Follow me on Twitter here (two entries = 2 separate comments)

5. Grab my blog Button and tell me where it is on your page. Please make sure to leave your blog address. I will be checking. The button MUST be on your HOMEPAGE. (five entries = 5 separate comments)

6. Add me to your PUBLIC Blog Roll. Please make sure to leave a URL. I will be checking. (five entries = 5 separate comments)

7. Blog about this giveaway -leave the link (four entries = 4 separate comments)