Friday, September 23, 2011

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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Review: DRY Soda Co.

About them:
"Seattle based DRY Soda Co. has re-imagined what soda can be: better tasting and better for you. DRY Soda uses only four natural ingredients and keeps the pure cane sugar to a minimum. Each twelve-ounce bottle of DRY contains just 45-70 calories and 11-19 grams of sugar. The result is a less sweet soda that allows its fruit, flower and herbal flavors to shine through."

My Thoughts:
When I first received my DRY soda i thought "Well this is just going to be a another bland soda, that tastes like carbonated water" Man was I wrong! Each sip I took was full of robust flavor!  DRY Soda has seven distinct flavors: Lavender, Lemongrass, Vanilla Bean, Blood Orange, Rhubarb, Juniper Berry and Cucumber. My favorite was Blood Orange and my husbands was the Vanilla Bean. Each beautiful glass bottle of DRY Soda was very refreshing and light. I loved the fact that each soda has between 45-70 calories! All the ingredients used (and there are only four) are all natural. Finally I found a soda that tastes great and not filled with chemicals and mountains of sugar!  I have tired a lot of other natural flavored soda/water and DRY Soda is by far my favorite!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Review: Nordic Ware

About them: 
"Nordic Ware's first products were ethnic bakeware products such as our Rosette Iron, Ebleskiver Pan and Krumkake Iron. An innovative manufacturer and marketer, Nordic Ware is best known for its Bundt Pan. Today, there are nearly 60 million Bundt pans in kitchens across America. Nordic Ware, a pioneer in microwave cookware, introduced the patented Micro-Go-Round (automated food rotator) and revolutionized microwave cooking. Nordic Ware expanded its product line to include over 50 microwave accessories. 
In addition to our Bundt pans and microwave cookware, Nordic Ware offers a complete line of conventional cookware, ovenware, bakeware, indoor/outdoor barbecue cookware and specialty kitchenware distributed worldwide.
The Nordic Ware name-associated with quality, dependability and value is recognized by millions of homemakers. Today 2 out of 3 American households own and use Nordic Ware products! In addition to consumer kitchenware products, the Nordic Ware Industrial Coatings Division is one of the country's most respected coating applicators. Our extensive finishing technology and history of quality, innovation and consistency in this highly technical and specialized area makes us a true leader in the industrial coatings industry.
Since founding Nordic Ware in 1946, our family has prided itself in providing long-lasting quality kitchenware products, which will be handed down through generations. Our business is firmly rooted in the trust, dedication and talent of our employees, a commitment to using quality materials and construction, a desire to provide excellence in service to our customers and the never ending research of consumer needs."

My Thoughts:
I decided to review the Nordic Ware Pro Cast 12 inch Saute Skillet. Let me tell you, this pan is awesome! Its large enough to sear large cuts of meats and fish without being overcrowded. The pan can be used under high heat with out warping. Its great for sauteing and i use it pretty much everyday. From cooking eggs, to sauteing onions, to braising meats. I also cover the handle with some foil and stick it in the oven if I'm making a skillet casserole. I love that this skillet it can be used on both the stove top and oven. It is definitely a must have in the kitchen. 
Product [image]

I'M BACK!!!!!!!!!

Hello to all my patience followers! I'm finally back! I took a few months 6 months off to catch up on things! Moving, summer projects, the family business, you know life stuff!
But I have about 50 reviews and some awesome giveaways coming up so stay tuned!!!!
Lots of love!
~Mrs. Goldilocks~

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Review: Mont Bleu Designed Glass Nail File

About them:
Superior Crystal Nail Files and Glass Nail Files at Mont Bleu
"Welcome to Mont Bleu, the home of superior quality crystal nail files and glass nail files. Here, you will find an amazing range of stylish, practical, and luxurious glass and crystal nail files to suit all your needs, including:
• Exclusive jewelled nail files made with CRYSTALLIZED™ – Swarovski Elements

• Durable crystal nail files decorated with business logos or appealing designs

• Transparent glass nail files

• Hand-painted crystal glass nail files

• Safety crystal nail files and glass nail files designed to protect the fingers of the user.
Affordable High Quality Crystal and Glass Nail Files

All crystal and glass nail files in our collection are designed and created by master craftsmen in Prague, using only the very finest quality Czech tempered glass. As we produce, design and package our remarkable nail files ourselves, we are able to ensure the highest possible quality and offer them to you at exceptional prices.

But don’t just take our word for it – visit our product pages to see our stunning collection for yourself:

• Classic – For clear, coloured, imprinted, hand-painted and sandblasted glass and crystal nail files;

• Professional – For promotional glass and crystal nail files featuring company logos and designs;

• Exclusive – For stylish glass and crystal nail files decorated with Swarovski crystals, hand-painted motifs and ground fitting;

• Jewellery – For luxurious glass and crystal nail files decorated with semi-precious natural stones, gold bronze, silver and Swarovski crystals.

Of course, it’s not just good looks that make our crystal nail files and glass nail files so popular. In countries all around the world, beauty therapists, manicurists, and personal users choose Mont Bleu nail files because they are durable, re-usable, hygienic, safe, and can be used for many purposes, including hard skin removal and even filing pet claws.
Hard wearing, versatile, and stylish, our crystal and glass nail files are also great for business promotion, as they can be decorated with business logos, designs, and jewellery. They also make great gifts for clients, colleagues and staff."

My Thoughts:
When I first received my glass nail file in the mail i was shocked by the gorgeous intricate work that went into designing this nail file.
The nail file is a beautiful black/while color with a waterfall design of pink and orange real Swarovski Crystals.  The file i received is the second to last one on the right.
I have never even seen or heard of a glass nail file before.
After doing some research i found out a a really neat fact about them.
Glass nails files from will never dull.
Why? Mont Bleu uses only the finest quality Czech tempered glass to make every nail file.
Now how cool is that? I hate constantly having to buy a new nail file every few weeks, so having one that will never ever get dull is right up my ally.
Also, the nail files are simply gorgeous! But the process to get there is not a easy as it looks.
Each and every one of the nail files is delicately hand painted and each crystal of the file is also applied by hand. But the time consuming and lovely intricate work pays off!
I have never seen such a vast array of elegantly designed nail files!
Mont Blue is definitely the place to shop to buy such amazing pieces!
Please visit the site You can buy directly from there.
They are also trading wholesale and you can find more info about that on  

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Winner of LunarraStar Jewellery -$40.00 value!

Winner for the LunarraStar giveaway is.....
Number 48!

Winner will have two days to respond to my email. If i don't hear from the winner a new winner will be chosen!
Many thanks to all you who participated in this giveaway and LunarraStar to be gracious enough to host one!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Review: VaVaVroom - Motorcycle Clothing and Gear for Her

About them:
We cater to female motorcycling enthusiasts who crave the best-designed, best-made and most fashionable cycling clothing on the planet - the woman who doesn’t let social pressure influence her decisions about what to wear and how to live.

Modeled on your spirit, you’ll discover fashionable, practical riding gear on this site that goes from seat to social event. Our wide range of clothing sizes and styles won’t leave you in the dust, so ride with us! Whether you long for a fun t-shirt, jacket or hoodie, you’ll find it here or on our drawing board. That’s our promise.

VaVaVroom - Riding. Fashion. Fun.

My Thoughts:
VaVaVroom has a ton of comfy stylish motorcycle and scooter clothing and gear for all women in all sizes.
I choose to review the VaVaVroom Logo Ladies Fitted T-Shirt. I totally love it! It doesn't fit to small or tight. I have washed it several times already and it has neither shrunk nor faded. Its very soft, light fitting, a nice scoop style neckline and its one of my favorite casual shirts to wear. 
VaVaVroom also has a wide variety of other clothing like hoodies, long sleeve shirts, tank tops and also motorcycle gear like helmets, and footwear.
This is the shop to go to if you want to have stylish fashionable clothing if you ride a motorcycle, scooter or just want some cute clothes!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Reivew & Giveaway: LunarraStar Jewellery

About them:
"LunarraStar Jewellery is professionally handcrafted with care and attention to detail to produce unique, quality jewellery design. A treasure chest of trinkets inspired by whimsical Fairytales like Alice in Wonderland, Wizard of Oz & Snow White, adventurous historical tales, unusual curious charms and glittery magical things."

My thoughts:
LunarraStar and has a gorgeous collection of jewelry. Every piece is handmade and is truly unique. They have an amazing array of necklaces, rings, bracelets, earrings and cuff links. LunarraStar was gracious enough to let me review my choice of necklace. It was a very hard decision to make since she has many adorable pieces. I finally settled on the Fairy Kisses - The Reward - fairy kiss collage Victorian necklace.

I absolutely love it! I receive so many complements on it every time i wear it. The middle pendent is glass with a strong metal backing. I love the little ruby crystal "kiss" and the tiny metal heart completes this necklace.
LunarraStar also has other collections like The Wizard of Oz, Alice in Wonderland, and Cameo that are simply beautiful too.
You can also visit there sister site Dark Elegance Designs. "All products are crafted using intricate laces, velvets, beautiful cameo's and Swarovski crystal beads mixed with semi precious gemstones such as Garnet and Black Onyx to create unique, elegant and imaginative Victorian, Gothic, Steampunk and Fairytale jewellery."

And now for the giveaway!
 One reader will win their choice of any item up to £25 which is about $40.00 from LunarraStar or Dark Elegance Designs!

The giveaway is open to all in the USA and UK.

One winner will be chosen randomly using I will notify the winner via email, you will have 3 days to respond with your info. After the 3 days are up and no response, a new winner will be chosen.

Here are the rules for the giveaway:
Number 1 is mandatory to enter the giveaway!

The giveaway ends Wednesday February 23rd at midnight!

1. Follow my blog with Google Friend Connect (one entry =1 comment)

2. Visit the LunarraStar or Dark Elegance Designs website and tell me which product you would love to win! (one entry = 1 comment)

4. Follow LunarraStar on Twitter here (one entry = 1 comment)

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Friday, February 4, 2011

Review: Essance Natural Aromatherapy Kit

About them:
"Essance LLC was found on the concept of balance through application of natural aromatherapy. The art of blending our "Essences" lies in balancing the top, middle, and base notes of all essential oils. Inspired by this philosophy, we have recognized the need to maintain a healthy balance for our mind, emotion, and body. The constant changes in the environment and in our lives had transpired our philosophy into product development. This is especially true for many of us who are perpetually juggling between families, careers, relationships, social and economic pressures, etc. Our goal is to provide you with an experience that will help uplift your spirit when you’re feeling low and unmotivated. When you're feeling "burnt-out" after a long day at work, we hope that our products can also help you relaxed and winded down. We believed that the balance of living is necessary and essential for nurturing the quality of life that we were born to experience. The heart of Essance is to provide you with some "scents" of balance. "

My thoughts:
I love aromatherapy. Scents like lavender and citrus are my favorites especially when I'm trying to relax in a hot bath after a crazy work day. And Essance is the place to shop for it.

I decided to try Essance's Aromatherapy Serenity Kit.
1 candle diffuser
1 9X3 comfort pillow
1 room spray bottle (empty)
1 Serenity essential oil blend

First off I'm in love with the silk pillow. Its filled with lavender buds and flax seeds and when heated in the microwave for 30 seconds feels great on your head, neck, eyes or where ever you feel stiff or sore.

The candle diffuser works great. I added a few drops of the essential oil and with in a few minutes the room smelled great.

The essential oil the Serenity kit comes with contains these relaxing herbs:
Lavendula officinalis (lavender), Citrus reticulata (mandarin), Citrus reticulata (tangerine), Cymbopogon martini (palmarosa), Citrus bergamia risso (bergamot), Cananga odorata genuina (ylang ylang), Aniba rosaeodora (rosewood), & Anthemis nobilis (roman chamomile).

Its smell is a hint of soothing lavender and a fresh citrus scent. Perfect combination in my opinion since those are my too favorite oil blends.

Also included in the kit is an empty room spray bottle. All it takes is a few drops of the oil blend, some water and you have a fantastic natural room spray. You can make it as strong as you feel necessary.

I love this kit and would totally recommend it if you are into Aromatherapy.
Essance not only sells these kits but also other natural products like organic skincare, essential oil, oil blends and massage oils.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Winners of the My Lip Stuff Giveaway and GreenSmart Bag!

Sorry i have been dragging my feet in posting! Its been a crazy busy time of year of moving, work and everything else in between!
So i know you are all dying to know who the winners are so here ya go!

Winner of the My Lip Stuff Lip Balms:
 Number 6 - Susan Said What?!

Winner of their choice of bag from GreenSmart:
Number 14 - Colleen

Congratulations Winners!
Winner's will have three days to respond. If i don't hear from the winner a new winner will be chosen!

Many thanks to all who participated in these giveaways and the companies to be gracious enough to host one!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Review and Giveaway: GreenSmart Backpack $110.00 value!

People, Product, Planet
About Them:
GreenSmart is 100% dedicated to making the world greener and smarter every day. Our mission is accomplished through the eco-friendly materials in our bags and through our eco- and people-friendly manufacturing processes. We embrace supply-chain-wide social responsibility and eco-conscious concepts in everything we do. Our continued pursuit of small positive actions every day, in design, manufacturing and distribution, result in big long-term changes toward better products and a better environment. It's this mindset in product design and in eco-consciousness that has set us apart since 1995.
 My Thoughts:
GreenSmart was gracious enough to let me do a review and giveaway for them. They sent me a wonderful backpack. I needed a new one for so this was perfect timing
The backpack is made of 100% recycled material. I'm all about doing my share to help make our planet "greener".
The process: Plastic Bottles to Backpacks

I choose to review the Mandrill Backpack in Black.  It has a generous amount of space in each compartment and is made with strong weather proof material.
The backpack has padded straps make it comfortable to wear. It also has lots of side and smaller pocket areas to hold your cell phone, wallet or keys.
I also love that GreenSmart puts a small badge on the bag telling you how many bottles it took to make this backpack.

GreenSmart has also been gracious enough to host a giveaway and offer one of my readers a backpack of there choice in any color and size a $110.00 value!!! 

The giveaway is open to all in the US.

One winner will be chosen randomly using I will notify the winner via email, you will have 2 days to respond with your info. After the 2 days is up and no response, a new winner will be chosen.

Here are the rules for the giveaway:
Number 1 is mandatory to enter the giveaway!

The giveaway ends Wednesday Jan. 26th 2011 at Midnight!

1. Follow my blog with Google Friend Connect (one entry =1 comment)

2. Visit the GreenSmart website and tell me which product you would love to have (one entry = 1 comment)

3. "Like" me on Facebook here (two entries = 2 separate comments)

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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Review: Aurorae Yoga Mat and No-Slip Rosin Bag

About them:
Aurorae offers the best yoga mats in illuminating colors with a focal point icon. We have extra long yoga mats and extra thick yoga mats as well as yoga bags, and yoga accessories. Combine this with our great customer service provided and you get the best of both worlds. Aurorae yoga company offers the best quality and services available on the internet and Amazon. This is why we have the best reviewed and the number one top rated products on
My Thoughts:
I regularly do Pilate's and Yoga classes at our local gym. I had always used the foam mats the gym provided for everybody. I could never find a mat that was long enough and thick enough so when you roll back on the mat is doesn't feel like you are rolling on the wood flooring.
Not the case with the Aurorae Yoga Mats. They were gracious enough to send me a thick  squishy pink one. I totally love it! The mat stays put on the slippery hard wood floor. Its extra long so you have plenty of room to lay back. Its also thick enough so i don't have to put a second one underneath it for extra cushion. I absolutely love the color! Its a soft pastel pink, with a little bubble texture for grip.
Aurorae Yoga also sent me a Rosin Bag. The rosin bag works great!
Just toss it lightly in your hands and you can dab it on your feet as well for a little extra grip and to keep you hands and feet from getting sweaty and slippery.
This mat is great for all floor exercises like Yoga, Pilate's or stretching.
The mats come in all different shapes and sizes so i encourage you to visit there site and pick out the one that would work best for your needs. You can visit there website here.