Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Review: Mont Bleu Designed Glass Nail File

About them:
Superior Crystal Nail Files and Glass Nail Files at Mont Bleu
"Welcome to Mont Bleu, the home of superior quality crystal nail files and glass nail files. Here, you will find an amazing range of stylish, practical, and luxurious glass and crystal nail files to suit all your needs, including:
• Exclusive jewelled nail files made with CRYSTALLIZED™ – Swarovski Elements

• Durable crystal nail files decorated with business logos or appealing designs

• Transparent glass nail files

• Hand-painted crystal glass nail files

• Safety crystal nail files and glass nail files designed to protect the fingers of the user.
Affordable High Quality Crystal and Glass Nail Files

All crystal and glass nail files in our collection are designed and created by master craftsmen in Prague, using only the very finest quality Czech tempered glass. As we produce, design and package our remarkable nail files ourselves, we are able to ensure the highest possible quality and offer them to you at exceptional prices.

But don’t just take our word for it – visit our product pages to see our stunning collection for yourself:

• Classic – For clear, coloured, imprinted, hand-painted and sandblasted glass and crystal nail files;

• Professional – For promotional glass and crystal nail files featuring company logos and designs;

• Exclusive – For stylish glass and crystal nail files decorated with Swarovski crystals, hand-painted motifs and ground fitting;

• Jewellery – For luxurious glass and crystal nail files decorated with semi-precious natural stones, gold bronze, silver and Swarovski crystals.

Of course, it’s not just good looks that make our crystal nail files and glass nail files so popular. In countries all around the world, beauty therapists, manicurists, and personal users choose Mont Bleu nail files because they are durable, re-usable, hygienic, safe, and can be used for many purposes, including hard skin removal and even filing pet claws.
Hard wearing, versatile, and stylish, our crystal and glass nail files are also great for business promotion, as they can be decorated with business logos, designs, and jewellery. They also make great gifts for clients, colleagues and staff."

My Thoughts:
When I first received my glass nail file in the mail i was shocked by the gorgeous intricate work that went into designing this nail file.
The nail file is a beautiful black/while color with a waterfall design of pink and orange real Swarovski Crystals.  The file i received is the second to last one on the right.
I have never even seen or heard of a glass nail file before.
After doing some research i found out a a really neat fact about them.
Glass nails files from www.design-glassware.com will never dull.
Why? Mont Bleu uses only the finest quality Czech tempered glass to make every nail file.
Now how cool is that? I hate constantly having to buy a new nail file every few weeks, so having one that will never ever get dull is right up my ally.
Also, the nail files are simply gorgeous! But the process to get there is not a easy as it looks.
Each and every one of the nail files is delicately hand painted and each crystal of the file is also applied by hand. But the time consuming and lovely intricate work pays off!
I have never seen such a vast array of elegantly designed nail files!
Mont Blue is definitely the place to shop to buy such amazing pieces!
Please visit the site www.design-glassware.com. You can buy directly from there.
They are also trading wholesale and you can find more info about that on www.czech-glass-nail-files.com.  


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  3. So interesting1 I've never seen this before. I LOVE seeing behind the scenes things, too :) It's too cool.

    <3-Cami from First Day of My Life

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