Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Review: CSN Stores - Bar Stools

My husband and i are slowly but surely redecorating the house. The bathroom, Kitchen, guest bedroom and master bedroom are pretty much finished.

Now all we have left to conquer is the Living room. I'm very indecisive on what style i want to go with. So I'm starting with the small stuff and moving up from there.

I really want to get new bar stools. The ones we currently have are gorgeous but they are made of wood and are starting to fall apart.

I went to CSN Stores and they have a amazing array of them. Each barstool is very different because I'm having a hard time figuring out a style and theme for my living room. It was hard decision but I have narrowed my choices down to these four.
I cant decide if i want to go with a Mission Rustic look or more of a Shabby Chic look. Please leave comments and help me decided which set to choose! The design of my Living room is depending on you! (No pressure or anything!) :)

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