Thursday, December 9, 2010

Review: Soda Stream

Soda Stream is a company that make soda makers for your home that sit on your kitchen counter! These sofa machine are extremely simple and easy to operate! My husband and i were so excited when are Jet Soda Machine came in the mail. We loved the fact that we never have to buy soda at the store any more, and we can make it ourselves in about 1 minute with many flavor variety.
Soda Stream was gracious enough to let me review the Jet Soda Stream Machine.
Its fairly simple to operate an is slick and small enough to fit in the corner of my kitchen counter. It carbonates the water in a one liter bottle, you add a cap full of the flavor you prefer and BAM!! Soda!
Soda Steam has a vast array of flavors to choose from.
They also carry natural Fruit Juice Flavors such as Apple Mango, Pink Grapefruit, and Lemon Lime.
This is a great machine and so handy to have for parties! This would make a fantastic gift! I highly recommend buying one!
To purchase one click here to enter the Soda Stream Website!

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  1. I had no idea it made Red Bull flavored drinks! Thanks for the review!


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