Sunday, September 12, 2010


 Hello! I'm Jena! I don't really know where to start first so here is a brief sneak peek about my life and what this blog is all about!

I'm a happy, Bible reading, "blond" (i have just learned to embrace it! lol) housewife to an amazing sweet husband and mother to our "child" (the dog) Benji. We try to keep life as simple as possible and really i would have it no other way.
Cooking and baking are one of my greatest passions. It is definitely a trial and error process, but i have mastered the art of piling on the spices to burnt chicken and still make it edible and kinda tasty!
 I love to write poetry and listen to Country music. (Little by little i have been converting my husband to it!)  I love the ocean, traveling, high heel shoes, the I Love Lucy Show, scrap booking, and of course making yummy food for the ones i love.
 I have a knack for finding little treasures at thrift stores. And oh how i love thrift stores! You can seriously find some great stuff!
I have awesome twin sister who i love to death and who has made me stronger in so many ways. I have a huge, loud family and I'm the youngest out of 5 kids. (Plus 4 of my hubby's friends that i have adopted as my brothers too) So that's a grand total of 9 brothers and sisters...wait i cant forget my friends Ash, Feesh and Miss so actually its a total of 12 brothers and sisters! (6 brothers and 6 sisters but only 4 are really blood related lol) 
ANY HEW, that's my life in a nut shell.

So about this blog.....i decided to write this blog to tell the adventures that life puts before me, the road blocks to get around, my greatest accomplishments plus disasters that occur in my little kitchen, and my random blond thoughts and moments of the day.
I hope you all enjoy and thanks for checking out my blog!


  1. Yay! I'm excited to keep tabs on you with this blog. I'll admit that I get way behind on blog reading, so don't be looking for my comments every day:) but I look forward to reading about your life and thoughts.

  2. Hi, Jena. Hope you have as much fun with your blog as I've had with mine. I've "met" some great folks and eaten some delicious food. : ) Also wanted to say thanks for visiting and commenting.
    ~ Michelle


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