Thursday, September 23, 2010

Its finally Fall and i couldn't be more happy!

I LOVE FALL. Its my most favorite season ever! Most of all it gives me the excuse to bake yummy goodies, sip warm chai on the cold mornings and not feel guilty, jump on crunchy leaves, go shopping for some cute boots, and decorate! I love decorating my home with fall stuff. My mom used to do it every year.
I know, I'm very behind. I should have been more prepared and have all my decorations and flour containers full, but I'm not and I'm also broke so dollar store here i come!
I have found some awesome ideas from decorating to baking goods to things that just remind me of this beautiful season!  So here are just a few of my favs:

Why does fall make me think of these adorable puppies?

Lovvvveeee this outfit!

Gorgeous centerpiece!

Mmmmm....(licking the computer screen)

Love how this mantel is decorated

Little hiking trip my hubby and i went on.

This colorful season always helps me to reflect on myself and pick some new goals. Its very inspiring. With all the colorful leaves, calm cool breeze's, the sweet smell of cinnamon in my kitchen, family get-togethers, how could it not? So what does Fall inspire you to do?

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  1. Hey you forgot to add the n't to could. just thought I'd point that out for ya. And you say Im bad at grammar. lol :D jana


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