Saturday, October 9, 2010

Blog Awards!!!!!!

Thanks to Staci from 7 On A ShoeString
I have received the "One Lovely Blog" award, the "Versatile Blogger" award and the "Stylish Blogger" Award!
I'm so excited and happy! Thank you Staci!
Rules for accepting these are:
Thank and link back to the person who gave you the award
Share 7 things about yourself
Pass this on to 15 other great bloggers you recently discovered
Contact the selected bloggers and tell them about their awards.
7 Things About Myself:
 1. I LOVE to cook!
2. I'm a EMT (Emergency Medical Technician)
3. My favorite author is Gene Stratton Porter
4. Brownies are my weakness (well.....and cheesecake and ice cream and cookies and chocolate and pie and all yummy things sugary and bad for you!)
5. My favorite season is Fall
6. When i was born i weighed only 1lb and 14oz. (I was 4 months early and now lucky enough to be very healthy)
7. I love to go jogging really early in the morning.

15 Wonderful bloggers that deserve these awards: (In no particular order)
Losing Brownies
My Little Life
My So Called Homeschool Life
One Ordinary Day
Prudence Pennywise
Pumpkin Tart
Surviving a Teacher's Salary
Bouffee E Bambini
Sweep Tight
The Cutting Back Kitchen
We Dont Have It All Together
A Mom's Balancing Act
Barefoot in Portland
Be Different...Act Normal
Bless My Nest


  1. Oh YAY!! Thanks so much!! I will try to get these posted tomorrow :)

  2. Thank you so much Jen!!! I really am honored! Your blog is lovely too :)

  3. Wow, thank you so much! I find your blog adorable and a pleasure to read as well!


  4. Holy cow-thanks so much! Can't wait to check out the other blogs!

  5. I am so excited and honored -thanks so much -you really made my day!!

  6. Thank you SO much Jen!! I appeciate the thought! What a nice surprise! I will be passing on the awards this week!

  7. Thank you! I really appreciate it. :) I will try and pass them on very soon. Have a fabulous weekend!

  8. Thank you so much, I am so honored! You have a great blog that I really enjoy following!!

  9. Just happened upon your glad I did1
    I am your newest Follower, hope you can stop by for a visit!

    Thanks, Becky Jane
    Raising kids can be a lot like weeding the rose bed...well worth it, but...OUCH!


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