Friday, October 22, 2010

Review: Miracle Body Jeans

I love jeans! But lets face it, when it comes to shopping and finding the RIGHT pair of jeans, it takes hours! I'm a lil curvy and its so hard to find jeans that are comfortable, cute and make you look good in all the right places. Literally i have to try on a least 30 pairs of jeans in one shopping trip just to find one pair that fits and looks okay.
But then i found out about Miracle Body Jeans.
And i HAD to have them!
When i received mine in the mail i couldn't not wait to try them on!
Let me explain about there magical power:
Miracle Body jeans are made to make you look 10 pounds lighter in 10 seconds! Now how cool is that? Who doesn't want jeans that are comfortable and can magically make you look thinner? 
Miracle Body Jeans are handcrafted to shape and firm the body!  Without using bulky linings or girdles. 
The jeans are made of a super soft fabric that has twice the spandex than the average jean. Say good buy to stiff crunchy jeans you can barley walk in! That will never happen with these jeans!
They are well worth the price since you will reach for this pair every time. Not only do they look contemporary, slimming and flattering they are also the most comfortable pair of jeans I have every owned. The mid-rise is perfect so that it covers the tummy just enough for fantastic control without leaving a muffin top as most of the low rise jeans create and you don't have to pull your shirt way down every time you bend over. 
Miracle Body Jeans are a must have for every woman! Very versatile, so they can be worn casual or dressy!
They are about medium rise and come in a variety of styles and colors. Styles include:

Believe me you will not regret your purchase!

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