Friday, October 8, 2010

Ottoman's and Bakeware!

My hubby and i live in a little cottage and unfortunately we don't have a lot of storage space. We are also trying to redecorate our living room piece by piece, slowly but surely. So what better piece of furniture to own is there, but a storage ottoman coffee table? I love them because you can store just about anything in them! Books, magazines, shoes, blankets, games whatever your lil heart desires! (Well... really only what you can cram in there)
I was also looking at some Bakeware at CSN Stores and they offer a great variety! They sell my dream Le Creuset bakeware set which i would LOVE to have!
(elbowing hubby*hint hint wink wink* would make a great anniversary gift honey!)  CSN Stores have been awesome enough to ask me to do a review for them so stay tuned!


  1. I love furniture like that. Our coffee table store stuff and the top comes up on hinges to make a table.

  2. Losing Brownies: How cool! I'm looking for one just like that!

  3. Multi-purpose furniture is the BEST!
    If you like Le Creuset cookware, you can often get it at off-price stores like Marshall's and Homegoods. A perfect "Autumn Gift" would be a Creuset stockpot: I bought one a few years ago and it has seen many a soup, stew, and slow-cooked meat. I will say that is the only piece I own, because the people I know who have the set complain how heavy it is, especially when taking out a hot, full dish.

  4. Leah: I will start keeping my eye out for Le Creuset cookware when i go Homegoods! Thank you for the tip! :)

  5. Oooh, you’re such an inspiration. I love this blog!
    How to Use Silicone Bakeware. Silicone bakeware is high-tech and easy to store and clean, which makes it an appealing option to many bakers.


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