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Review and GIVEAWAY: Namaste Foods

Ive been trying to eat Gluten Free for a while but just haven't committed myself yet. I know i have Celiac disease but just wont face the facts. Its runs in my family. Every aunt on my dads side has it and it was passed on to me unfortunately. I think it the only reason i don't want to deal with it properly is that i love brownies and pasta too much! Like REALLY REALLY love them!
But then i found out about Namaste Foods and decided to give them a shot.

Here is a lil tid bit about Namaste Foods:
Namaste Foods is a small (but growing!) manufacturer of fine foods that contain no wheat, gluten, corn, soy, potato, dairy, casein, peanuts or tree nuts. In business since 2000, they continue to strive to be the best at what they do so that you can enjoy all the foods you’ve known and loved all your life.
The have 18 allergy free products all which include baking mixes, pastas, pizza, flour blend, biscuit, pie crust & more blend, waffle/pancake mix and 2 frostings. Namaste Food products are free of gluten, wheat, corn, soy, dairy, potato, nuts and tree nuts and casein. Many of there mixes are made with eggs or egg replacer. Please visit there FAQ's at there website for more info.  

What they offer: (Taken from website)
Worry-free products – Our facility contains no wheat, gluten, corn, soy, potato, dairy, peanuts or tree nuts. It is our attempt to try to eliminate any chance of cross-contamination so you can enjoy Namaste Foods products worry-free. We use NO genetically modified ingredients in any of our products and yes, all Namaste Food products are Kosher Certified. And last but not least (and we don’t mean to brag BUT) AIB International, a leader in performing audits for companies in the baking industry, has given our facility a ‘Superior’ rating – the highest rating possible.

A better value – We know that gluten-free products are expensive. In an effort to make them more affordable for you, we continue to strive to give you more for your hard earned dollar. You will find that most Namaste Foods mixes have a significantly higher yield than our competitors’. For instance, all our cake mixes make TWO rounds as opposed to one. (Who ever heard of a one-layer birthday cake anyway?!)

You deserve the best – in customer service. So, we invite and welcome your questions and comments about anything that is important to you. If you contact us, we promise to get back to you promptly and offer you outstanding customer service. In addition, your suggestions for new products are always welcome so we know what to be working on next!

Truly delicious food! - That goes without saying yet bears repeating. We work diligently to try to offer you products that make your mouth water and your face smile! We truly believe Namaste Foods products to be heads and shoulders above our competitors in taste and texture – because you’ve told us so!

Now let me tell you, Ive have tried many different brands of gluten free pasta and brownies mixes but all taste disgusting!
Then i made the Pasta Pisavera from Namaste Foods.

Seriously. Life. Changing.
Holy molly cow this was the best Gluten Free pasta ive have ever tired in my life!
It taste the EXACT same as regular non gluten free pasta! It was so delicious and my husband loved it too!
This pasta is great because its very versatile. You can add basically anything to it.
I added some garlic, zucchini, marinated artichoke hearts, chopped tomatoes, feta cheese, fresh lemon juice, fresh herbs, red pepper flakes, some leftover creamy pesto sauce and some chicken.
My husband said it was one of the best pasta dishes i have ever made! Now that means a lot!

 After our amazing pasta dinner we had Namaste Foods Brownies for dessert.
Now every knows that i take my dessert VERY seriously! No one messes with my brownies. Brownies are my favorite. But not just any brownies, they have to be rich, chewy, fudgy and absolutely amazing.
Namaste Food Brownies are just that. Rich, chewy, fudgy and absolutely amazing!
Other brands produce brownies that are extremely grainy and don't really taste like chocolate. Not these babies!
First they make a huge batch! Two 8x8 pans or one big 9x13 size.
Second: You cant even tell they are gluten free! They taste just like the ones mom makes from scratch!
Third: They contain no processed gross chemicals or whatever they use in those cheap boxed kind you get a the store.
All natural, and very yummy these are right at the top of my grocery list!
Forth: All there mixes are not expensive! Gotta love that! This girl keeps a tight budget!

Namaste Food can be bought pretty much at any grocery store. Just look in there health food aisle and you should find it. If not i believe Whole Foods should sell it or you can go to and purchase it there. Also visit there website for a variety wonderful recipes!

Now for you lovely readers here is a chance to win your own Namaste Food Products!
Namaste Foods have been sweet enough to offer a giveaway!

Winner of the giveaway will win a Namaste Tote with filled with a pasta mix and a baking mix, coupons, literature and assorted goodies!

The giveaway is open to all US entries
Here are the rules!

**Numbers 1 and 2 are mandatory to enter the giveaway**
numbers 3 to 6

One winner will be chosen randomly using I will notify the winner via email, you will have 2 days to respond with your info. After the 2 days is up and no response, a new winner will be chosen.

The giveaway ends Wednesday November 10th, 2010 at 8pm.

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