Friday, November 5, 2010

I cant move!

Lately i have been really good about going to the gym regularly. I have been trying really really hard to loose weight.  My husband Kevin and i go to the gym about 3-4 times week. Our usual routine is Elliptical, weights for your back, legs, arms, abs and then sometimes we go swimming after.
But Thursday was different.
24 hour fitness has this class called Body Pump. Its a hour long weight training class and it looked pretty cool. We got there just before it started so Kevin and decided to try it. (The only reason Kevin decided to take this class with me was that there was a bunch of buff guys in there so he knew it probably wasn't just for wimps.)
You get a weight bar with 5-12 lbs on it for women and the guys get one that weights anywhere from 15-25lbs.
Its my first time doing this class so i use a 5 pound weight bar. Kevin uses a 20 lb weight bar. 
The first thing the class starts off with is Squats while doing bicep curls. (about a zillion of them) Fantastic!
In my head I'm thinking "oh lord what in the TARDATION did i get myself into??????!!!!)

The class continues with more squats while holding a weight bar behind your head and doing bicep curls and other arm exercises with the weight bar.
Then they switch from Squats to Lunges.
But now my legs are shaking so bad it looks like they are having Seizures!

I take a 3 second break to shake out my legs and get some water.....

We continue to to do more squats, lunges, bench presses, ab exercises, plank push ups etc.
I feel like I'm dying, sweating like crazy and looking at the clock every 5 minutes to see when this misery is over....
Finally we only have 3 more minutes of class left! YAY!

Now you would think they would end this class with some relaxing stretches. Ha! Yeah Right!
How about a plank push up holding it for 3 minutes????!!!!

I couldn't bare it, i wimped out and only held it for one minute.

After class was over Kevin and i could barley walk. Our legs felt like jello and were still shaking but we were proud of ourselves! We finished the workout class from hell!
Woke up yesterday morning and my legs weren't that sore. As the day progressed it kept getting worse but still not as bad as i expected.

Then this morning came....Holy molly cow i can not move! Yeah that's how sore i am right now. I have never been this sore in my life. Ever. And i used to do ballet 4 times a week, plus synchronize swimming 6 days a week not including competitions at lease once a week.
The worst is trying sit. Or walk. Or really anything that involves moving.
I contemplated not going pee and just holding it this morning because it hurt so bad trying to sit down on the toilet.
After work Kevin is going to take the car and get it washed. But this morning as he was about to pull out of the drive way he remembered that he forgot the towel to dry it with and asked me to please run and bring one to him.
Run. Now that's funny! I couldn't help but laugh at myself (out loud) as a hobbled down the stone path to bring him the towel.
So today is a big take it easy day. Going to go soak in the tub for a nice long relaxing lavender bath.
 Kevin and i will be returning to that Body Pump Class from hell though ever Thursday night! I will keep you updated! Hopefully i will be seeing some good results in 4-6 weeks!


  1. I read this and couldn't help but giggle! I feel like I get myself into the same situation every time I take a new class at the gym. The day after you're not sore and all confident and then two days after you're dying! Love it. Keep up the good work!

  2. Mrs. H: I'm glad you liked the post! :) I'm still a little sore after 4 days but it feels good! At least i know i got a good workout right?
    Thank you for the encouragement! :)


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