Monday, November 29, 2010

Reivew: SaniManiPedi

About SaniManiPedi:
"SaniManiPedi is dedicated to providing high-quality manicure and pedicure products to minimize the risk of infection while visiting beauty salons and nail spas. The SaniManiPedi Liquid Solution is 100% natural - a proprietary formula using nature's richest moisturizers, cleansing oils and natural antiseptics. The SaniManiPedi Manicure and Pedicure Kit with all professional grade stainless steel tools, is the gold standard in manicure and pedicure safety, purposed to minimize the risk of cross-contamination from improperly sanitized salon tools. SaniManiPedi is a green company, and all manicure and pedicure products come in eco-friendly packaging.
Ten percent of all profits are donated to children's charities. "
My thoughts:
I'm very picky where i go to get my nails and pedicures done. I always make sure the facilities and nail areas are clean and sanitized before i sit down to get my services done. I always worry about germs and cross contamination so i was so excited to do a review for SaniManiPedi! They sent me a kit that contained stainless steel nail tools and packets of sanitizing foot soak. I brought the tools and foot soak to my next pedicure appointment. My pedicurist said that she loved the tools, that they were of high quality, can easily be sanitized and she will recommend SaniManiPedi Kit to all her clients!
The Manicure and Pedicure Kit Contains Professional Grade:

Stainless steel nail clipper
Stainless steel pusher
Stainless steel cuticle nipper
Orange stick
Callus stone
Two samples of the SaniManiPedi Liquid Solution

Another thing i loved about this kit is that it comes in a little canvas organizer. It rolls up, ties tightly and you can fit it in your glove box of your car so you never forget it on those last minute appointments!
You are so much safer from cross contamination to bring your own nail tools to your appointments. I will definitely continue bringing my SaniManiPedi Kit!

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